Open Studio May 22nd – June 6th

I will be opening my studio as part of Dorset Artweeks 2021. This little piece will be there, along with a large new all black tapestry as well as other smaller textile pieces, prints AND ceramics. I have been experimenting with clay as partner pieces to my textile work. We will be open May 22nd … Read more

Collect 2021 open today!

Threnody is a new tapestry, made during 2020, and is one of five of my tapestries being shown by as part of their Collect Edition for the Crafts Council Collect2021 fair. As all Fairs at the moment, Collect is online at or through the Cavaliero Finn or Collect Artfair websites. So pleased to … Read more

Crafting A Difference

I am delighted to have been selected by Brian Kennedy, through Cavaliero Finn, to be part of this brilliant show. A partnership of 5 galleries have come together to create this show. Visit for full details, and the link to explore the exhibition via a 3D virtual tour. I have two tapestries, Dark Banner … Read more

Lockdown 2….

Like many artists, focusing on creative work has been very different this year. I have been weaving a big tapestry, but it far from finished. Meantime, in order to have fun, I made use of the fantastic sunny weather back in the Spring, and did a small project about shadows for Somerset Reacquainted, initiated by … Read more

Lockdown News!

This little tapestry, a fragile collage in wool, linen and cotton, I made just before the Covid 19 lockdown, the title coming to me as I became aware along with the rest of the world that we were about to move into a collective unknown. However, we seem to be holding together and this piece … Read more

New Phase, Echoes, oh and Ceramic….

  New work is beginning to happen now. My long standing Mending themes are still there, but are moving on to something broader, more to do with fragility, and possibly memory. I begin by getting most of the yarn that I have dyed over the last 25 years for many different projects, and start working … Read more