Lockdown News!

Tapestry 38x18cm with frame

This little tapestry, a fragile collage in wool, linen and cotton, I made just before the Covid 19 lockdown, the title coming to me as I became aware along with the rest of the world that we were about to move into a collective unknown. However, we seem to be holding together and this piece is now available through http://www.cavalierofinn.com  
along with several other works of mine.

Tapestry from Marks in Time: 23x23cm

Meanwhile, in the absence of shows or Open Studios, I have been turning out my studio (I get the feeling that many artists are taking this slow time to do this!) and putting together a selection of small tapestries and prints that I have been posting on Instagram as part of the brilliant #artistsupportpledge that has brought so many artists together offering work for sale for up to £200, and pledging to buy another artist’s work when their takings reach £1000. This is one of four small tapestries from a series of nine I made in 2006 as part of a project called Marks in Time. This one is now sold, and on its way to the US, but along with some of the prints I posted, there is still some textile work available at £200 or below as part of the Support Pledge. All on my Instagram account @jacy.wall.