Lockdown News!

Tapestry 38x18cm with frame

This little tapestry, a fragile collage in wool, linen and cotton, I made just before the Covid 19 lockdown, the title coming to me as I became aware along with the rest of the world that we were about to move into a collective unknown. However, we seem to be holding together and this piece is now available through http://www.cavalierofinn.com  
along with several other works of mine.

Tapestry from Marks in Time: 23x23cm

Meanwhile, in the absence of shows or Open Studios, I have been turning out my studio (I get the feeling that many artists are taking this slow time to do this!) and putting together a selection of small tapestries and prints that I have been posting on Instagram as part of the brilliant #artistsupportpledge that has brought so many artists together offering work for sale for up to £200, and pledging to buy another artist’s work when their takings reach £1000. This is one of four small tapestries I still have from a series of nine I made in 2006 as part of a project called Marks in Time, and it is available for sale at £200 including UK P&P. View this and the other two of the four that are still available on my Instagram account @jacy.wall and contact me if interested. There are several prints of mine posted there too, unframed, some of which are still available. All my prints are printed by me in very small editions, and I am offering mainly the artist proofs of prints made a while ago, and available at low prices for the Pledge scheme. See more on Instagram!

I am also of course spending plenty of time making new work. My explorations in clay continue (whilst as you can see studio also becomes temporary greenhouse) and I am working on a large tapestry that will keep me busy for the rest of this year. An awful lot of black around, not because I feel black, I just love black, and it offers so many possibilities of tone. So, Lockdown, whilst frustrating in some ways, is allowing new possibilities to open up as well.