‘The Journey: Exploring the Nature of Mending’, my pet project which has been going for eighteen months now, finally comes to fruition in a week’s time. On September 14th the exhibition opens at Walford Mill. It will show new work by myself, by Jenni Dutton, Dr. Paul Scott, by Guy Martin and Lisa Earley. This has all been specially commissioned for the project. In addition is work on loan from eight other artists. Everything in the show reflects the theme: Exploring the Nature of Mending. It will be varied, classy, fun and serious. If you can’t get to see it during it’s run (until October 27) you can buy the catalogue from . You will need to call them to give card details, so the number is 01202 841400. I will be posting my new work on this site in due course, but at the moment you will either have to go and see the show, or buy the catalogue! Catalogue has lots about the show, and a great forward by Professor Simon Olding. More details about the project, at the project website: