Folded Discovery Revealed Loss Mending Room

January 20th 2015

Folded Loss taken apart
Folded Loss taken apart

My title reflects the mix of different projects I have already been working on this year. A follow on show from my project ‘The Journey: Exploring the Nature of Mending’ held at Walford Mill in 2013 is being planned for Bridport Arts Centre in 2016. More details on where you can also Follow the project and receive updates. The tapestry ‘Folded Loss’, that I made for the original show, (and was never quite happy with) has been taken apart. A section is now a black tapestry called ‘Scabard’. Both the original and ‘Scabard’ can be seen on the Tapestries page on this site. The rest of ‘Folded Loss now looks like the photo here, and is in the process of being remade into another incarnation. This, after all, is part of the nature of mending!
019af0fb1c1dc148abf063f4ba8da6bbf7aec52329 copyAlong with this studio work, I am also part of the artist team for a new ACE funded project, The Discovery Room. Five of us are roaming the stores of Somerset Heritage in Taunton, and having a great time! A final installation of our finds and new work, including words, sound, video, textiles, sculpture, and all manner of strange installations will happen at the Museum of Somerset in January 2016. Full details of this project can be found at Again, you can Follow from there for updates, and there is a Facebook page.  Finally, here is ‘Mile End’ that was shown in the Black Swan Open in Frome during December and January. Next opportunity to see my work, tapestries, drawings and prints, will be from March 22nd at the Meeting House in Ilminster as part of an excellent mixed show of artists including Amanda Wallwork, Bronwen Bradshaw and Jenny Graham.  I may have seen in 2015 horizontal with flu, but a lot seems to have happened already!

'Mile End'
‘Mile End’