Bridport Open Studios & ACE Gallery Somerton

Portmanteau Gallery, North St. Bridport Sept. 11, 12, 13, 14

A small and perfectly formed reprise of Materials Matter, the Stroud show with Bjork Haraldsdottir. New pots from her, and some new prints from me, plus my tapestries. Open 10 – 5. Part of Bridport Open Studios.

ACE Gallery, Somerton, Somerset September 14 – October 6

This is a show of the 8 of us who make prints together at Dove Studios in Somerset. Well all do other things as well, so for the first time we are showing the full range of media we work in. I will be showing some of the ceramics I have been working on, for the first time, along with tapestries and prints.


New Phase, Echoes, oh and Ceramic….


New work is beginning to happen now. My long standing Mending themes are still there, but are moving on to something broader, more to do with fragility, and possibly memory. I begin by getting most of the yarn that I have dyed over the last 25 years for many different projects, and start working with it, echoing some of that work, but taking it somewhere else. I like to work without too much planning, with just a thread of an idea. But it is hard to do, feeling one’s way.

What am I doing making pots, I ask myself. Well, needing to play a bit, and finding some paperclay in the back of my little studio, I starting pinching pots. After a while I realised these are all about quality of line, like so much of my work – i.e. the line of the rim. And of course I love a wonky pot, so these are deliberately pretty wonky. Haven’t got the glazes quite right yet, so these are waiting whilst my first extremely wonky efforts are fired and re-fired – thanks to my neighbour the very special ceramicist Amanda Popham. It will all feed back into prints and weaving. Having such a good time!

The Continuous Thread continues, till 30th July

My show has been beautifully hung by Slade Centre Curator and Director, Anne Hitchock. Above is a small selection of the prints, plus one of the tiny tapestries, on show. Below another wall of tapestries. Many thanks to all who came to my talk yesterday in the gallery. Always so good to have conversations about what one is doing, and I hope everyone else got as much out of it as I did. Show continues Thursday – Sundays until July 30th.