Open Studios Week Two….

Flying Kerchief
Flying Kerchief

This is a very small painting/drawing of mine, bought by Eve Higgs last week. Still have two others from the same series left…..
Week two of Dorset Artweeks Open Studios is so far drier and sunnier! Myself and partner Brian Rice are right on the precipitous edge of Dorset, so only the most discerning and intrepid venture out to see us. (venues 150 and 151 So we have had some really great visitors; engaged, interesting, and able to look closely at our work as we don’t have blockbuster type crowds. We close tomorrow and Tuesday to catch up on our lives, before being open every day from Wednesday to next Sunday. Don’t miss out! There are some other exceptional venues not far away, and we are in a very special bit of countryside too.

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